Monday, September 17, 2018

Design Wall Monday

Last week was productive!  I did not get everything done for Breakfast club, but that is okay, as they are only looking for progress on my quilt.  I did learn, of course the hard way, that I did not buy enough of the background fabric for L and B's wedding quilt, and since I bought the fabric several years ago, it is no longer in print/not the correct colors.  I have to laugh at myself, as now I do buy extra yardage for that fact.  I found a new background fabric and I have already started to starch it so I can get cutting.

While on travel last week I was able to make progress on my One Monthly Goal. I just received the last of the iSpy fabrics, so I'll be starching those next weekend.

My goals for this week are simple, as I'm traveling for work again.  My first goal is to keep working on moving towards accomplishing my September's One Monthly Goal.  This will include starching fabric, marking 1/4" on papers, trimming papers and cutting out fabric.

My second goal for the week is to work on my Breakfast Club project.  I want to finish starching my new background, finish getting fabrics ironed, and cut out all of the pieces so I can just sit down and sew in the future.

My third goal for the week is to work on the bindings of two smaller quilts.  I have had the binding sewn on for some time now, I just have not had time to hand sew it down.  It is the perfect thing to bring on travel this week, as I will sit in front of the TV and stitch some binding down each night.  I also have to finish the final juncture on one, as I sewed it together twisted.  It should not take too long to fix (famous last words right?).

I hope everyone has an awesome and productive week!

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  1. Hi Christina! Those goals seem quite doable until you realize you are traveling for work. That has to put a crimp in your quilting style! I love sewing on bindings and finishing them by hand. I find it very relaxing and a final time to enjoy the quilt. Happy Monday to you! ~smile~ Roseanne

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