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My name is Christina, I'm under 30, and I love to do almost all kinds of handicrafts.  I first learned how to sew from my Grandmother, I also mastered how to knit from the after school day care that I attended, then finally I experimented with my Aunt on how to do counted cross stitch.  Most recently, I have succeeded in making jewelry with beads.  However, I am challenging myself to master the art of constructing findings.  In the future I would like to learn how to crochet, tat, spin, and use a long arm quilting machine.

I am happily married to a wonderful man who supports my crafty habit.  Together we have a cute little kitty, who is essentially our fur kid, as she gets fur everywhere!  I have a love of reading and a huge heart, always willing to give a handmade present for a wedding or new baby.  I am hungry for knowledge in the quilting world, and I want to make some friends who enjoy the same interests as me.  I have even started an Etsy store for handmade items.

What I would love to do on this blog is create a community of people who enjoy the same things.  To accomplish this, I will be sharing what I'm working on whether it is from a class, making a gift for someone, doing commission work, or making something for myself (gasp!).  It is my hope that I may teach a technique or skill to someone reading this blog, and learn from everyone else, whether it is through an email conversation showcasing a special tutorial or a comment educating me on a unique method.  We all see things differently, and I want to learn, have fun, and improve my skills in the world of quilting and crafting.  I love to share what I'm working on, maybe design a few quilts down the road, and give back to the quilting community.

Thanks for joining me!

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