Saturday, May 7, 2016

May 2016 OMG

April flew by, and I was unable to achieve my monthly goal.  Oh well, I can not change it but I can move forward.  I will finish the whole quilt this month.  But that is not my May one monthly goal.  Instead I am making my EPP project the main focus this month.  I really need to get cracking on this one.  I need to finish glueing the fabric petals to the petal templates, glue the middle circles to their templates, and then create 49 different piles for all of the flowers.  I would love to start to hand sew them together, but I do not want to get too carried away in my monthly goal.

I think this goal is achievable as I only have 4 more different fabric petals (42 or 46 of each fabric) to glue to their templates, and glue the circles (49 center circles).  I have been working on them while we watch TV during the evening.  I try to keep my hands busy or else I start to loose interest in what we are watching sometimes, but if I am really into it then I do not get anything accomplished.

Linking up to Red Letter Quilts for the OMG challenge for May.  See you there!