Sunday, December 31, 2017

2018 UFO Challenge

I have thought long and hard over my 2018 UFO goals.  I hope that I can make progress on all of these quilts, and hopefully move some to the done pile in the next year.  So without further ado see my list below.

#1 - Wedding Quilt for L&B - fabric is starched.  The next step is to iron and start.

 (no picture yet)

#2 - Quit for Grandma - a kit that I picked up.  It has not been removed from the packaging yet.

#3 - Wedding Quilt for S&D - fabric starched, and EPP prepared.  The next step is to iron fabric and work on hand sewing the dresden plates together.

#4 - Wedding Quilt for C&T - fabric all cut, currently working on piecing blocks together.

#5 - Mom's Quilt - started, I need to figure out why I put it off to the side.  What happened?

#6 - Wedding Quilt for N&B - fabric is all cut.  The next step is starting the piecing.

#7 - Dr. Who Quilt - fabric is half cut.  The next step is to start sewing it together.

#8 - Gathering Mystery Quilt by Cora's Quilts - the parts are all cut out.  The next step is to sew it all together.

#9 - Ispy Mystery Quilt for Niece - the fabric is picked out and half starched.  The rest needs to be starched and then ironed.

(no picture yet)

#10 - Storm at Sea Version 1 - it was started in a class, I just need to finish it, after I make a few more units.

#11 - Bel Canto - some blocks have been started.

(no picture yet)

#12 - Christmas table runner - the runner has been taken apart to remove the stain, it is now time to put it back together.

A little progress on each item is better than none!  Here is to a new year.

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2018 Planning Goals

I set 2017 goals, lets see how I did:
1. Work on and or finish Wedding presents - there are quilts for C&T, (quilt to finish), T&M (table runner to finish), L&B (quilt to start), S&D (quilt to work on), J&B (table runner to finish), D&D (quilt to work on/finish?), and N&B (quilt to gift at their wedding).  I did finish the two table runners, but did not finish any of the quilts.  I made some progress in the cutting department, but nothing was really sewn together.

2. Complete Dr. Who quilt for my husband.  I started cutting this out, but I need to finish cutting it out and start sewing it together.

3. Finish a quilt for Mom.  I did not even touch this one.

4. Participate in a QAL, and keep up with the clues as they are given.  I have followed along with several QALs, but time just keeps slipping away.

5. Make tutorial for blog to help spread the quilting word.  I'm not exactly sure what I originally meant by this.  I did create a tutorial and participated in a blog hop, which was great progress for myself.

6. Start to organize stash/cut up scraps from previous quilts and keep up with new scraps.  I have in my mind how I want to do this, but no action was taken to actually fill the system.

7. DO NOT buy fabric or kits unless it is needed to finish a project (it is a goal, but in reality it probably won't last too long).  Haha, I'm sure this did not last long, I bought plenty this last year.

8. Finish Bonnie Hunter's mystery quilts.  I did not touch this.

9. Organize pattern library, or even start to.  Again, I know what I want to do, but I have not put that plan in action yet.

10. Get out more in the blogging community, which means I need to comment and post on other people's blog posts, offering words of encouragement and offering advice from what I have learned.  I have been getting better at this, especially within the last few months.  Granted I might comment on a post a month after it was published, but I feel like that still counts, right?

11. Post more about the process of making something on my blog, instead of just showing a finished project.  I believe I am getting better about this also.  I started doing a design wall monday post and including what I wanted to work on during the week.  I will be continuing this in 2018, because I actually enjoyed them.

Well, 2017, was not as productive as I originally had hoped it would be.  The new year starts fresh, and I want to refocus myself and set achievable goals for myself.  I have broken them out in categories so there might be a few goals under each one.

1. Blogging -

  • Blog at least once a week, I like Mondays as I enjoy sharing what I was able to accomplish within the last week, and what my plan is for the next week.
  • Comment on other blog posts.
  • Improve my picture taking skills.
2. QAL -

  • Follow along with one mystery QAL and keep up.  There are several options throughout the year - Cora's Quilts, Meadow Mist Designs, or Bonnie Hunter's mystery quilt.
3. Showing Work -

  • Enter 2 quilts into a Quilt Show at church in March
  • Enter 4 quilts into the local Quilt Show in September.

4. Personal Sanity -

  • Sew, cut, or iron fabric for 15 minutes each day.  Realistically I will accomplish it between 200-300 days this year, but I am going to strive to do it all 365 days.

5. Organizing/Cleaning -

  • Clean off desk - these items need ironing and folding as the fabric has been starched and it will be nice to have it ready for when I start on a project.
  • Organize and empty 4 laundry baskets full of fabric, putting fabric away.
  • Organize (at least start) the quilt patterns as they are overflowing.

Overall goal:
My overall goal is not to buy new projects, I have plenty and by working 15 minutes or more a day I will make progress on a few projects this year.  Focus on what I have and use it.  Do not pine over another project.  I am noticing that when I do not touch fabric or work on something crafty for a while I start to look for another project and if it is on sale I buy.

My word for 2018 is focus.

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Last Finish of 2017

I was able to finish this lovely chanielle blanket for my husband for Christmas.  I had to find secret sewing time when he was not at home, which can be hard when you really want to work on it.  This was not hard to put together, and I find the long straight lines relaxing to sew.  Due to the weight of the quilt my shoulders would get tight, so it was nice to take little breaks here and then to relax my shoulders.

My husband loves it, especially the minky on the back.  Even though it does not cover him, it has kept him warm every night since Christmas, which makes my heart sing.  He has told me multiple times how much he loves his blanket.  I would not dare make him share it with me...the next one I finish for us, he will have to share though :)

This is my last Finish-A-Long Q4 finish, and it is number 34.

Now to put the finishing touches on my 2018 UFO list and do a year in review post.

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Tuesday, December 19, 2017


This past week has been very productive!  I did a batch of tamales (beef), where we yielded over 8 dozen.  We even had some and they are delicious!  I am deep in the throngs of cookie making, I am considering even cutting some extra batches I was planning to make because I am running out of room!  I have the first round of tins and trays that go out for co-workers on Thursday, so that should help with room.  The second round is for family and will go out Christmas Eve or Christmas Day.  I might even make a tray for my brother's co-workers when they go back after the new year, to help get them out of my house!

On the sewing front I finished my niece's Christmas present!  It is goal #22 on my Finish-A-Long list for Q4.  I love the texture of how it turned out, and my husband was raving about it.  Little does he know that one has been made for him yet (shhh, do not tell him, I'll share more on Christmas).

I also finished a stitch and flip wreath, and one more is almost done.

M goals for this week include make three more stitch and flip wreaths (Christmas presents to the women in the family).  Below are the fabric combinations that I will be using.  They are quick to make once you figure out the process.  I think the second one took me about 3-4 hours to make, and that includes the hand stitching that I performed.

In addition to finishing the stitch and flip wreaths I will be finishing all of the cookie baking and treat making, and tamales will be finished before Christmas.  Then I can relax, and Christmas Eve after we play in church we are going to enjoy something hot and watching Home Alone, a wonderful tradition we have together (my husband and I).

Happy Holidays to all, wishing you blessings as we enter the new year.  Next week will be a lot of goal posts and updates to the blog, so be on the lookout for that.  I'm excited for next year, and to kick it off right I will be have a sewing weekend to bring in the new year!  I am looking forward to it, hopefully I will be finished with my OMG.

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Thursday, December 14, 2017

Preparing for the Holidays

I'm in the deep throng of the holiday hubbub. My work had their Christmas party yesterday, which included a cookie exchange, potluck lunch, and gift exchange. As a result the beginning of the week was spent preparing for that. I have been to the store more times in the past week than I normally go in a month, and I STILL have another trip to do. This is all because plans have changed and potluck dishes need to be made at the last minute. Below was our cookie exchange, 27 people participated and some great cookies were shared!

Besides cookies and tamales, I have deadlines to meet for some gifts, which are also part of my December OMG. I am working on chenielling this blanket for my niece. I have to get it done this week.

In addition I need to finish two of the stitch and flip wreaths this week, I have all of the fabrics picked out, and I hope to start cutting them out tonight, after I go to the store and finish baking a double batch of chocolate chip cookies. Good thing I have a sew day tomorrow that I will be attending. It is another potluck, where I will be making a simple dish.

I think I have created a schedule this week that I will be able to get everything done. My nose is to the grind stone. Come back on Friday as I hope to have a finish then. I will be putting the finishing touches on it during my sew day on Friday.

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Wednesday, December 6, 2017

December 2017 OMG

It is the last One Monthly Goal for the year.  I had to sit down and really think about what I will be able to get done, as it is a very busy time of year.  Especially between concerts, cookie baking, working full time and tamale making I'm not going to have a lot of free time.  As a result I am going to put the Christmas items that I am making on my list to finish.  Some I do not need to get done before Christmas as we have Christmas with some family after the New Year, but it would be awesome to get them done before the New Year.

My goal is to finish the 7 panels below, turning them into chenille quilts, and make 3-4 stitch and flip wreaths with the fabrics below.  All of the supplies are bought, but I just have to sit down and do them.

Wish me luck!  I think all of this sewing will help me keep my sanity throughout the season.

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Monday, December 4, 2017

Design Wall Monday

I missed last week, I just ran out of time after wrapping up an extremely busy weekend.  I am definitely very happy to be back in the swing of things.  Thanksgiving went off successfully.  The bird was gorgeous, and the spread was pretty delicious too.

We also moved storage units, and I was able to break down craft mountain and put it in the unit.  Below is it all organized, the last space not used yet will be for Christmas once we take it down in the new year.  And, we are all set up for Christmas, fresh wreath on the front door, lights hung up and tree decked out in its Christmas spirit.

During the last two weeks, I was able to work on the panel below.  it is now chenille, and the binding is sewn on, I just need to hand stitch it down when my husband is not around, like when he goes to work out, or when I'm hanging with my Grandma on Friday.  My first goal is to get the binding stitched down this week.

My second goal is to is to start quilting this panel for a chenille blanket.  My niece loves Doc McStuffin', and it contains her two favorite colors, pink and purple.  I would like to at least start it this week, if I get more done like sewing all of the straight lines I have ahead of me even better.  I already have the binding prepared and ready to go!

Along with my 2 smaller goals I have tamales to make (I swear I am going to make them this weekend!), a Christmas party to attend, and our big church concert, plus prepare for cookie baking, which starts either Sunday or Monday, depending on how I finish everything else.  If I am caught up on everything, I want to start working on the stitch and flip wreaths I am going to make as gifts for some family members.  If I can get to these it would definitely help me not be so stressed out later on in the month.  Positive attitude will get me further than a negative Nancy!

Have a great week everyone!

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