Monday, September 24, 2018

15 Minutes of Stitching - Week 38

Let us see how this last week went on the 15 minutes of stitching front.

Days spent stitching this week: 7 out of 7
Days spent stitching in September: 23 out of 23
Days spent stitching in 2018: 238 out of 266
Rate of Success: 89.5%
My week runs Monday to Sunday.

This week went well in finding stitching time.  I found time in a hotel room, and even after a very long day.  That is normally my hiccup, if I have a long day I just want to come home and go to bed, but I made sure I was did my 15 minutes of stitching.  The end of September is upon us already, and I'm almost one fourth of my way to my goal of finding stitching time every day through the end of the year.  I hope everyone is finding a little bit of time, it is amazing how much is really getting done.  (Here is my secret, I almost always squeak out 30 minutes instead of 15 because I always try to be the overachiever/I always think of one more thing that then takes longer than I think it would.)

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  1. Congrats on a successful week of finding time to stitch. The trick really is to get going. Those 15 minutes usually become at least an hour for me, it's getting going that's my stall point. Hope this week has been as good.


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