Sunday, September 16, 2018

15 Minutes of Stitching - Week 37

Let us see how this last week went on the 15 minutes of stitching front.

Days spent stitching this week: 7 out of 7
Days spent stitching in September: 16 out of 16
Days spent stitching in 2018: 231 out of 259
Rate of Success: 89.2%

I found time each day this past week to do 15 minutes of stitching.  It has been a very busy summer, and the end is in sight, with at least some down time coming soon.  With said down time I'm hoping to get some serious time to sit down and sew, of course between some household chores I've been putting off for some time.  We are almost to the last quarter of the year, and I'm becoming stronger in getting my 15 minutes or more of stitching in each day, which I am loving.  I hope to finish the year off strong.

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  1. Congrats on a very good week of stitching. Hard to believe it's almost October! How does that happen! Happy stitching this week.

  2. wow !!! beautiful and so lovely work :) i really like your good idea so much.Thank for sharing.