Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Design Wall Tuesday

This past week, I was trying to procrastinate on my actual goals and pulled out a long time UFO.  It is from 2008, and it was to be a gift for my Mom that Christmas.  I had trouble with something (I can not remember for some reason what), and did not want to touch it as I thought it was "ruined."  I pulled it out and boy was I wrong!  I figured out where I left off, and I'm ready for the next step now.  Below are the blocks that are ready to be ironed.

Now for my goals for the week:

The first goal is to cut out Hands 2 Help quilt #1, and start to sew it together to create progress.  I need to get it done about the middle of May to donate to H2H this year, so I better get cracking.  (The photo is from Confessions of a Fabric Addict as they are her patterns)

My second goal is to finish the binding on Royal Gardens, I only have another half hour's worth of hand sewing to do, and then I have to go over the quilt and bury all of the threads from quilting.

My third goal is to finish cutting the channels on the chenille blanket.

My fourth goal is to prep for my Jelly Roll class and attend it.  I'm excited for it.  Let us just hope my jelly roll gets here in time for class!

My fifth goal is to iron the fabric that is now starched, so next week I can start to cut into the fabric and help achieve my one monthly goal.

My sixth and final goal is to start sewing together Ring of Stars.  I would love to get the triangles all done, but realistically my goal is to get one side sewn on.

It is going to be an emotional week for me, as we are sending my Grandparents back to their home state as they have been snow-birding every winter out in California for the last 20 years.  Their health has deteriorated that they will be unable to make the trek out here anymore, and it makes me sad.  I am very happy with the time I have been able to spend with them, but it is still hard.  After they leave I'm cleaning their apartment and packing up the things they are leaving out here for us to keep or donate, which will be a task within itself. Quilting will help make it a little easier this week.

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