Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Design Wall Tuesday

I was able to get a few things done last week, which is great!  Progress is being made in many things, all thanks to the goal of 15 minutes of stitching that I have everyday.

I finished the Snowflake Table Runner.  See the finished blog post here.

In addition to finishing that project and getting it off my WIP list, I was able to finish cutting out Ring of Stars.  Below are all the pieces neatly organized, ready to be sewn, in it's own project box.

I have a few goals this week.  The biggest thing I want to do is to see progress on these items.  My first goal is to finish a bridal shower gift, for the shower that is quickly approaching.  Everything is cut out and tonight I hope to get both sides halfway sewn together, it would be even better if I could get the whole thing sewn together tonight, but I do not want to push myself too much.

My second goal is to get Royal Gardens fully completed.  I need to finish sewing half the binding down, along with the label.  I can not wait together get it fully done, so we can finally use it for our bed.

My third goal is to keep working on chanielling these panels.  I have found thread for both of them, and I am about halfway done with one.  These are Christmas gifts for my best friends and we are FINALLY getting together to celebrate soon so I need to get them done....opps, very late on these.

My fourth goal is to start on one of three stitch and flip wreaths.  I would like to cut out all of the pieces for one of them, and iron on the fusible to be able to sit down and sew it together next week.

Now it is time to make some progress on these goals.

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