Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Change of Plans

It is amazing how quickly your priorities can change, with just one thing. This weekend, I have added two additional quilts that I need to get done before Christmas. I was going to make quilts that used the same fabric but different designs for my Grandparents to represent their alma mater which they loved. With the loss of my Grandmother, I feel like it is extremely important to make the quilt sooner than I was planning for my Grandfather. I hope to get it done for Christmas. I’m also going to make the one intended for my Grandmother, but gift it to my Mom (her daughter and an alumni of the same school). With the quilt I was planning to make for my niece that makes the total of quilts to finish by Christmas three. I was looking at my plan for my niece’s quilt and learned that it is wayyy too small for her now, and I have added 88 more blocks than I originally planned, and the back will be pieced. Did I mention none of these quilts are started yet? Opps…

This last week I did not follow my schedule, which is okay. I’m occasionally floating through grief as this loss is still very new to me. I did finish drawing out another quilt I need to get started on as it is for a quilt show in March 2019, and I want to hand quilt it with pearle cotton. It is a variation on Drunkard’s Path. Full name to come.

I attended a paper piecing retreat for any Judy Niemeyer pattern. I pulled out my two started patterns, and was able to make good progress on both. This class came at the perfect time for a good distraction. I have my “homework” for the next class cut out for me. I understand it, so I need to dedicate a good chunk of time to make great progress on other sections so I can use my next retreat time to my advantage.

This upcoming week and a half does not have any deadlines, as simple touching fabric or planning will be therapeutic and good for me. I plan to do a mix of things including tearing out papers from the units I have finished, drawing out quilts/doing calculations, ripping seams, and maybe cutting out additional papers. I am going to try to get my August One Monthly Goal finished before the end of the month, however I am not going to push myself or cry over not getting it done. There is always next month and my priorities have significantly changed.

Next week I should have a great plan in place to get all of the quilts done before the end of the year, and I’ll share it and what I was able to accomplish this week.

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