Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Las Vegas Quilt Shops

About two and a half weeks ago my husband and I had the pleasure of going to Vegas to have a short "get away" weekend.  Of course the one thing we had to do while in Vegas was to visit a quilt shop or two to check them out/support the local businesses within the area.

We were able to visit two.  The first one we visited was Quiltque.

I was able to pick up two one-yards for the rainbow bargello quilt I am currently collecting fabrics for.  The store was vibrate, full of the more modern fabrics.  They had a large area for the Berninas they sell, as they are an authorized dealer, and a large classroom.  The store was neatly organized, and the project kits were right next to the samples, which is always helpful when someone would love a kit.  The front windows brought in a lot of natural light, and it was airy and cheerful.  Nice big shop, I just could not find a lot of blenders, which is what I was looking for.

The second shop we visited was the Christmas Goose.

At this location I found lots of fat quarters (neatly folded and put in a pack of 12 for a reasonable price), and an indigo for my bargello quilt.  The fat quarters in the Reproduction prints will be used for a quilt that I am planning on EPP.  I'm chomping at the bit to get started, but first I need fabric, and second I need to finish another quilt before I start.  This shop was filled with some modern fabric, lots of blenders, and a ton of reproduction fabrics.  Their kits were located pretty close to their samples, and they had some wool projects, and a scrap basket, fill a bag for X amount.  They had a decent sized classroom, and every available place had an item(s) on it.  The space was well used, and it felt homey and well loved.  A sizable shop to visit just off of the strip.

Overall, my husband and I had a great time in Vegas, but of course we were happy to be home.

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  1. Oh, too bad! I wish I had this information earlier. A friend of mine was in Las Vegas last month. I could have sent him to buy me some FQs!

  2. I think it ws get trip just by the fabric purchases!! LOL


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