Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Design Wall Tuesday

I finished the quilt top below this past week.  Doesn't it look fantastic!  I love the secondary pattern that pops out to me.  I can not wait to make one for my bed.

I was able to complete this on Sunday, so I have new goals of things to work on this week.  Let us see what my goals are:

My first goal is to work on getting some of these pieces put together for Ring of Stars.  My goal is to have almost all of the triangles finished, and my 4 patches cut and started put together before Breakfast club on Saturday.  I just sewed the strips together to cut apart for my 4 patches, and a good 3/4s of the one side of the triangles are on.  I think this is doable before Saturday morning.

My second goal is to start putting together my Hands 2 Help quilt.  I will be working on this on Sunday to help with the insanity of the weekend that is coming up.  The photo is from Confessions of a Fabric Addict as it is her pattern, hopefully I will have a photo of progress next week to show instead of using this picture.  Good challenge?  I hope so :)

My third goal is to prep this quilt top and backing for quilting, which will take place next week.  I will also have to dig out my roll of batting and cut two sections off for what I hope to quilt next week.  This will be an easy project at church while waiting for practice to start this week.

I think all of my goals are doable this week.  At least I'm getting better at setting my goals!

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