Monday, October 8, 2018

Design Wall Monday

This last week I was able to get most of the quilt I am focusing on this month cut out.  The only hang up is that I have had to go and purchase additional fabric two times for this quilt, as I did not over buy like I normally do.  Now the two times have been on two different pieces, and one of them I could not find again so I had to buy a new background.  I have more than enough now.

My goals for this week are similar to last weeks.  My first goal is to keep working on my October One Monthly Goal.  My goal for the week is to get step 1 and 2 done this week, plus get the last few parts cut out from an additional piece of fabric.

My second goal this week is to draw out a few quilts as I will be traveling for work, and it is a great task to do while on the road.

My third goal is to continue working on the bindings of two smaller quilts.  I have had the binding sewn on for some time now, I just have not had time to finish hand sewing them down (one is 3/4ths done, and the other is a little over half way done).  I still need to finish the final juncture on one, as I sewed it together twisted.  It should not take too long to fix (famous last words right?).

My forth goal is to work on the ISpy quilt for my niece.  I'm going to work on cutting out the pink and purple's for the front and back.  Once I get everything cut out, it will be time to start putting it together!  I will not finish starching everything until next week, but that is okay.  One fabric at a time will be worked on.

My fifth and final goal for the week is to iron some scraps out that need to be starched and then cut into my scrap user system.  They came to me scrunched in a bag, so I need to iron them before putting them through my process.  Perfect for the hotel room while watching some cable tv!

Wow, that is a list!  Some of it will be done on travel, and this next weekend is a quiet weekend, so I hope to finish cleaning and then get down to business working on various projects that need to have progress made.  I hope everyone has an awesome and productive week!

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