Wednesday, October 25, 2017

The 300th Day of the Year

Friday is the 300th day of the year, which means we only have 65 days left of the year. I felt like it is a perfect time to do a "mid" year review of what my goals were for 2017. My comments of how things have gone are in red.

1. Work on and or finish Wedding presents - there are quilts for C&T, (quilt to finish) - not done, T&M (table runner to finish) - finished, check it out here, L&B (quilt to start) - not done, S&D (quilt to work on) - not done, J&B (table runner to finish) - finished, check it out here, D&D (quilt to work on/finish?) - not done, I am hoping to start working on it before the year ends, and N&B (quilt to gift at their wedding) - not done.

2. Complete Dr. Who quilt for my husband - not done, however it has been started.

3. Finish a quilt for Mom - not done, however I have properly learned how to use the tool, so now to take the time to figure out how to fix my mistake to move forward.

4. Participate in a QAL, and keep up with the clues are they are given - currently I am working on Busy Hands Quilts' QAL for a quilt called Proud Mary in Splash of Color by Jackie Krunkle. We have to cut out our fabrics and post by next Tuesday. I hope to get it done by Monday night and continue to keep up. If I do, I will have a completed quilt top by the end of November!

5. Make a tutorial for blog to help spread the quilting word - I made a tutorial for a table runner that I created to participate within the 12 Days of Christmas blog hop hosted by Confessions of a Fabric Addict. You can check out my tutorial here. I hope to do another one by the end of the year, we will see if I make it.

6. Start to organize stash/cut up scraps from previous quilts and keep up with new scraps - I have starched them, I have yet to iron and organize/cut them as necessary. I keep thinking and tweaking how I want to organize my scraps to help me get the most out of them.

7. DO NOT buy fabric or kits unless it is needed to finish a project (it is a goal, but in reality it probably won't last too long). - Haha, this did not last very long, however I have been on a no craft supplies buying binge since the beginning of October, with of course some serious stipulations. I did break down to buy some sock yarn kits for Harry Potter socks, that I am going to make my family and myself. It is in pre-order status and I will not receive them for a while. No fabric has been bought of yet, and will not until Veteran's Day weekend to finish some projects/pick up some fabric for Bonnie Hunter's mystery quilt, to create a variety of the colors that she has chosen that I do not have in my stash.

8. Finish Bonnie Hunter's mystery quilts - I have not even touched this. I hope to start on the new mystery quilt when it starts on November 24.

9. Organize pattern library, or even start to - I have not done.

10. Get out more in the blogging community, which means I need to comment and post on other people's blog posts, offering words of encouragement and offering advice from what I have learned. - I have done a little of this, but I want to continue doing it, I enjoy encouraging others on their projects.

11. Post more about the process of making something on my blog, instead of just showing a finished project. - I am definitely doing. I have started posting Monday Design Wall posts of progress pictures/what I hope to work on that week. I have also learned that I over plan on what I plan to work on throughout the week, but I do not have the time to do what I plan, so I need to be more selective about what I should put my focus on for the week. I am a work in progress.

What a reflection. Somethings I have worked on and/or started in the way of projects, but I have a lot more to go. I have been able to incorporate most of my goals for blogging, and kept it up throughout the year. I hope to finish the last 65 days strong. Because I know I am not going to make much headway on my goals I feel like I should pull out two or three and really try to make them happen by the end of the year. I am going to choose #7, which I should be pretty successful at, I will be buying some fabric for some upcoming baby quilts to do, but they will be on sale and needed. #4, continue and finish the QAL I am currently participating in, and #10, my goal is to comment on 3-5 blog posts a week from various blogs that I regularly read and pick from the linky parties I participate in. I have some other goals for making Christmas presents, and staying on top of my Breakfast Club quilt through my LQS, and Bel Canto, which is a mystery quilt through my LQS, which is beautiful and premiering at Market this weekend.

I'm ready to finish this year off strong!
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