Monday, October 30, 2017

A New Week and A New....


Isn't she lovely!  I still can not believe she belongs to me now.  She is used, but at the perfect price she was able to come home for me (I'm still working on a name for her, it will come).  If I did not get it (after talking it over with my husband), my Mom would have picked it up.  The shop is now on the lookout for a second one for her.  It is an Bernina 830 Limited Edition.  This one did not come with the embroidery unit, but when I am ready to add it, I will be able to, which is nice.  I also know the home it came from, so I know it was well taken care of before.

I was at our LQS for Friday and Saturday taking a class with Cat Wilson for Judy Niemeyer's paper piecing patterns.  I had two goals, I completed one, and only got the other goal half way done.  But, I am closer to getting it done than I was before, and I will be able to get help on the part after when she comes back to the shop at the end of April.  Here is what I completed.

I can not wait to get this quilt fully put together because it is going to look awesome with the colors I choose.

Now it is time to think about what I'm going to try and get done during the week.  My first goal is to cut out this lovely baby quilt, which will be a simple rail fence quilt.  I am going to make it scrappy, so I need to cut each individual piece out and then start sewing.  I did not make any progress on this last seven weeks and still failed to work on it.  So I really hope I can this week, especially since it is my October OMG, and I have to think about my November OMG.  (My goal is to cut it out on tomorrow night)

My second goal is to iron and cut out the fabrics for my Proud Mary quilt, which is my quilt for Busy Hands Quilts QAL from the Splash of Color book by Jackie Kunkel.  My goal is to stay up to date with this QAL.  (I am cutting it close on this one, as it needs to be done tomorrow...)

My third goal is to start quilting this panel for a chenille blanket.  My niece loves Doc McStuffin', and it contains her two favorite colors, pink and purple.  I hope to get it fully quilted on my new machine, and two layers cut on all the rows to chenille it.  Maybe I will even get the binding prepped, can I hope that far?  It will be so much easier to quilt it on my new machine.

My fourth goal is to start working on Clue 4 for a mystery (no longer a mystery) Bel Canto quilt at my LQS.  I want to get it done by the second Saturday so I can try and win free money.  (Who does not want that).  I want to try and pick out my fabric strips and iron them, and maybe even cut everything to start putting it together.

The last item is when I have spare time in the evening/during laundry time, which is to finish knitting this afghan.  I have about 2 rows left, maybe 5 depending upon size.  I made great progress this last week.  I am really hoping to finish this week so I can share it during Finish it Up Friday.

Hopefully I have not planned to do too much based on the time I have available, as I am still working on not planning too much.  Next week we will see how I did.

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  1. Congratulations on your new machine! I just love Bernina sewing machines! I actually had my eye on one just like yours - previously loved....but I passed it up....wanna pay off our home first.

    Your projects look fun - and that knitted afghan is so pretty! Love those ripples (crochet speak)! Thank you for sharing!