Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Progress on Two Tops

This post was meant for Monday, but the holiday and activities from last night pushed it off to today, oh well as I can show off progress on my goals for the week.

Last week I was able to get the second baby quilt all cut out, and I got the inner-part of the top for Royal Gardens completed, and I got the borders cut out!  Thanks to my sew-in that I attended on Friday, I was able to lay out Royal Gardens and get all but one seam sewn.

This week I have gotten the last seam sewn, plus the inner part of Royal Gardens is all trimmed with some borders laid out.  This is what it looks like right now, which is what I was able to do today while waiting for bell practice to start.

My goals for the week include getting two quilt tops done.

One is the second baby quilt I am working on, I have all of the half square triangles sewn, and they are currently being squared up.  I hope to get it fully completed, including turning the binding so I can wash it when I do laundry on Sunday, I have some great in front of the TV time this weekend planned.

This is one quadrant of the quilt laid out.  Once I got the quadrant that goes next to it done, the rows should go together pretty easily as the seams nest perfectly!

My second goal is to get Royal Gardens a full and completed top.  I have four borders to put on, two are pieced, as they are laid out in the picture above.

Why get two quilt tops done this week, plus prep the batting and backing?  Because I am quilting them on Saturday at my LQS.  It might be a late Friday night, and I have some time Saturday morning, but thanks to my very understanding husband I think I'm going to get them done, so I can get the baby quilt fully done this weekend, and start quilting Royal Gardens for a quilt show in the middle of next month.

In addition to getting the tops done, I hope to get the kitchen cleaned.  More cleaning will happen next week due to extra quilting time this week.

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