Monday, February 26, 2018

Design Wall Monday

Wow!  What a week.  This is how I currently feel...

(photo from here)

I pushed hard this last week to get the 2nd baby quilt done, and get four borders on Royal Gardens plus a backing to start quilting.

Did I make it?  Based on the photo above, yes I did.  I was able to thanks to my wonderful husband who was very supportive of it.  Come back soon as I will be showing the finished quilt on Finish it Up Friday.

My goals for the week are much simpler than last week, as I have lots of cleaning to catch up on.  

The first goal is to re-square up and put on zippers on all four sides of the backing for Royal Gardens.  I started quilting it on Saturday, however I do not think I got the bottom edge totally square.  Also, I'm putting zippers on the sides so I can turn it 90 degrees on the machine and sew the vertical borders horizontally so they look good too.

My second goal is to finish quilting on Royal Gardens, square it up at the shop (not cutting through the zippers), and prepare the binding.  I have the fabric all picked out, so it is just doing it.

My third and final goal for the week is to work on cutting out Ring of Stars.  It is a belated wedding gift (I will not say how old, but I'm sure I will slip in the future).  I would love to get the whole thing cut out, but realistically I hope to get half of it cut out, specifically the blue part, which is the red in the original pattern.

Next weekend/week is also the San Diego Country quilt run, which I will be doing with my husband on Saturday. The theme this year is fun on the farm, and I'm excited as I've seen a sneak preview of the blocks and they are cute.  I'll post next week as to how it goes, and what I bought at each store, which will not be much due to no fabric buying, but of course I made a few exceptions.

In addition to my quilting goals, I have some home goals, which include cleaning the kitchen, cleaning out the freezer, cleaning the oven, and cleaning/organizing the linen closet.  After some good rest tonight I should be good as new to get everything done this week.  I hope everyone else has some great goals/working on a great project for the week!

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