Friday, September 30, 2016

OMG Completed!!

At the last moment, but I was able to iron the last of the blocks, and draw the last of the lines for stitch and flips today!  My September OMG was to make the border blocks, Block A, start Block B, and draw all of the diagonal lines that I need to, which I had calculated to be 460, but I really drew 692, as I wanted to draw a second line for bonus triangles on the biggest set I needed to put lines on.  (Not one of my brightest ideas as I could have used my 1/4" foot to stitch that, oh well.)

Here is everything completed!  I have already figured out what my October OMG will be, and will be posting about it in a few days.

I'll leave you one last picture of the scenery of where I took the picture.

Pretty, the rose matches the reds in the quilt.  I can not wait to get this top completed, but there are many more steps before that will happen.  One small bite at a time.

I'm sliding in at the last moment, again, at Heidi's blog, which is Red Letter Quilts.



  1. Congrats on your September goal MET! Looks like a lot of stitching all lined up and ready to roll. Should have a border ready soon - one small bite at a time!