Sunday, January 24, 2016

Word of the Year 2016: Organization

The word that I am choosing to focus on for the year of 2016 is Organization.  The definition is:
1. The act of process of organizing or of being organized
2. The condition or manner of being organized
This definition is from the Merrim-Webster dictionary.

While I was thinking about this word, I looked up some synonyms of organization and I found these words interesting: making, construction, design, assembly, and standardization.  All of these words fit with quilting, and crafting as a whole.  Crafters make items by construction and assembling them from a design that we have thought to be something we want.  We even design an item to express our true selves.  Our supplies and materials are organized to help our creative juices flow, and to make right in the crazy world we live in.

I want to organize my craft supplies and materials throughout the year of 2016.  Everything should have a place to be, whether it is in a project box, or a clear plastic box.  My hope is to have this accomplished by the end of the year.

Now in regards to the synonyms; making, and construction.  I know I will not finish everything this year, but through my 2016 goal list, I hope to get through a lot of the projects I have planned.  All of these projects will be organized in a project box ready for me to pull and work on at any time though.

I'm positive and hopeful that I can get it all done.  Now I am ready to get this year started! (24 days after it has started though...oh well, you can call me a late bloomer sometimes)

Have a great week!


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