Monday, December 10, 2018

15 Minutes of Stitching - Week 49

Let us see how this last week went on the 15 minutes of stitching front.

Days spent stitching this week: 6 out of 7
Days spent stitching in December: 8 out of 9
Days spent stitching in 2018: 313 out of 343
Rate of Success: 91.3%
My week runs Monday to Sunday.

After a very busy weekend of packing and moving, I fell into bed without completing my 15 minutes of stitching last night.  That is okay, we have those days and I will live.  I am above 90% for the year and it feels great!  The project I have been slowly working on is finished, so I need to pull out my second hand stitching option to do while we are packing and moving.  Things are progressing, which is the whole goal for me, plus having some stress relief from work/home/life/the world.  I hope everyone had a successful week, and is finding time during these extremely busy weeks ahead.

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  1. Moving is such and exhausting exercise. You did really well with finding any time to stitch in the middle of all the packing and such.

  2. Perfect inspiration :) and what attention to detail! I admire and congratulate.