Sunday, December 30, 2018

12 Things in 2019

Judy at Patchwork Times is challenging us to pick 12 things we want to complete throughout the year of 2019.  They do not have to be UFO's, they could be something easy such as painting a room in your house, to complete landscaping in yard, or a project you want to finish.  With us just moving it is a perfect motivator for me to get everything unpacked by the end of 2019.  Below is my list.

#1 - Wedding cross stitch for D&D - this has been languishing for far too long, and I am motivated to get it done.  It might take all year, but it will get done!

#2 - Knitted socks - I started these this last year in a class, I want to get both socks done so I can enjoy them!

#3 - Get unpacked and organized - we just moved, and I want to go through and deal with all of the boxes before the end of 2019.

#4 - 1st Snowflake pillow - Finish making pillow, the top is all quilted, I just need to sew on the back.

#5 - Jelly Roll Rug - finish sewing the "rope" part of the rug, and sew it together.

#6 - Pull out front yard landscaping - over a few weekends I think this will be done.  We need to get it done to fix a plumbing issue before it becomes even bigger.

#7 - Organize sewing area - I have a sewing area!  It just needs to be set up, and organized, which includes the closet, putting all of my boxes into it.

#8 - Make 2 Wool Rugs - Pick up wool in Tenn, or order online, and make 2 wool rugs for our room to help ward out the cold for next winter.  I have always liked them, and can not wait to be able to say I made them!

#9 - Signature Quilt - Make a signature quilt for our pastor who is retiring after about 10 years at our church.  He also married my husband and I.

No picture yet, as design is still to be decided.

#10 - Iron/starch baskets of fabric - I need to go through these baskets of washed fabric, remember what quilt it belongs to, starch it or iron it to wait for it's turn to be used.

#11 - Make 4 Rag Rugs - Finish taking them apart and redoing them.  Now to find the box they are currently in...

#12 - Partcipate in a QAL - there are many to choose from.  The first one is Sweater Weather by Cora's Quilts, her mystery quilt later this year, Meadow Mist Designs Mystery Quilt or Bonnie Hunter's mystery quilt.  Lots of choices, I hope to stay up to date with one of them.

No picture yet, as who knows which one I will keep up with yet...

Here is to a productive year, where I hope I am able to do all of these things!

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  1. Sounds like a great list - hope 2019 is a good year for you!