Tuesday, July 24, 2018

2018 Mid-Year Review

1. Blogging -

  • Blog at least once a week, I like Mondays as I enjoy sharing what I was able to accomplish within the last week, and what my plan is for the next week.  - I have been pretty consistent with this, as I enjoy these posts, plus they help me set what I am going to work on for the next week.  I love having a plan!
  • Comment on other blog posts. - I'm not the best at this, but I do try, even if it is two months late :)
  • Improve my picture taking skills. - I have not worked on this yet.
2. QAL -

  • Follow along with one mystery QAL and keep up.  There are several options throughout the year - Cora's Quilts, Meadow Mist Designs, or Bonnie Hunter's mystery quilt. - I did not follow along with Cora's Quilts QAL, and the Meadow Mist Designs QAL I have my fabric picked out, I still need to get my book though, but I'll get that accomplished before too long.  Bonnie Hunter's mystery I am going to also try and follow along, however we will see how far I get.  I might get stuck at the fabric choices, but fingers crossed I can keep up!
3. Showing Work -

  • Enter 2 quilts into a Quilt Show at church in March - I was able to complete this!
  • Enter 4 quilts into the local Quilt Show in September. - I will not have enough quilts that meet their requirements to complete this.  I do plan to make a Drunkards Path quilt for a show in March 2019 that I will be traveling to.

4. Personal Sanity -

  • Sew, cut, or iron fabric for 15 minutes each day.  Realistically I will accomplish it between 200-300 days this year, but I am going to strive to do it all 365 days. - I'm doing pretty well on this so far.  I'm at 86.7% success rate, which I'm proud of, and I completed 2 full months without missing a day.  I am seeing progress on some quilts that were just sitting there because I never had time to get to them.  It makes me want to do even more.  My end of the year goal is to have a 90% success rate.  I have plenty of projects that I think I can accomplish this, and I can ALWAYS find something to do!

5. Organizing/Cleaning -

  • Clean off desk - these items need ironing and folding as the fabric has been starched and it will be nice to have it ready for when I start on a project. - Funny thing, I just cleaned off the desk for my husband!  My starched fabric is all organized, waiting for me to start working on said project.
  • Organize and empty 4 laundry baskets full of fabric, putting fabric away. - I have not started working on this yet.  I should cut this goal down to 2 laundry baskets, because who knows if I can even get through that amount.
  • Organize (at least start) the quilt patterns as they are overflowing. - To complete this, I need to finish the laundry baskets, so I'm going to move it to next year.

Overall goal:
My overall goal is not to buy new projects, I have plenty and by working 15 minutes or more a day I will make progress on a few projects this year.  Focus on what I have and use it.  Do not pine over another project.  I am noticing that when I do not touch fabric or work on something crafty for a while I start to look for another project and if it is on sale I buy.

HAHAHA, not to buy no projects, has been a bust for the first part of the year.  However, I have not added as much as before, but I have still added.  I am going on a craft/project buying diet.  As of this week, I am not allowed to buy new projects.  I am only allowed to buy to finish collecting for a specific project I have in mind or if I need something else to complete a project (which I'm pretty overly prepared so I do not see a total issue with this).  Maybe next year I will try and track how much I use vs. how much I bring it.  I think that would be an eye-opening experience.  Now that I'm thinking about it, maybe I should do that for the rest of the year.  What is your thought on tracking your fabric in vs. out?

My word for 2018 is focus. This word is working well, especially since I'm focusing on finishing several projects at once, and I am focusing time each day to move a project towards the finish line.

We will see what the end of the year brings, but I think my goals are more accomplishable this year, and I have made some progress on them.  Positive focus will get me a lot further than negative thoughts.  Here is to a great rest of the year!

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(I'm late for the mid-year as I was out of town when it was due, but it is still nice to review and see how I'm doing)


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  1. I really do enjoy reading other people's goals. It makes me rethink my own. A mid year spot check certainly is a good idea, too. I keep a draft blog post that I never publish to update my thoughts on how I am doing and readjust what I am most excited about to work on next. I would not want to publicize that post since I am so fickle in what interested me at any particular time. I also want to in particular comment more on other folks posts; it feels good to get comments so I plan them and increase other quilters happiness by making them for others. I particularly like your personal sanity goal of 15 minutes per day. I tried that one year with a gorgeous engagement calendar of quilt photos to record in, called Quilt Art. Glad to see your success. I failed miserably. Perhaps with your idea of counting fold or iron or plan will make me feel more successful and contribute to my sanity.

    I cut back my 2018 goal to one statement: Maximize Enjoyment, Minimize Guilt.

    You can see my 2017 goals (too ambitious) here:

    You can see my 2018 goals here:


    If you are still reading this length comment, a photo of that engagement calendar Quilt Art is in my 2016 goal post:


    Ha Ha... just realized goal post sounds like football! Happy Quilting