Monday, November 6, 2017

Monday Design Wall

Last week I was finally able to finish (except for the label), this baby blanket.  Come back on Friday to see it fully finished.

This week I have a four day weekend, but the first day is going to be filled with all of the errands and chores you put off for when you have a long weekend.  But, I do hope to get some quilting time in.  My first goal is to finish Clue 4 for a mystery (no longer a mystery) Bel Canto quilt at my LQS.  I want to get it done by Saturday so I can try and win free money.  (Who does not want that).

My second goal is to is to start quilting this panel for a chenille blanket.  My niece loves Doc McStuffin', and it contains her two favorite colors, pink and purple.  I hope to get it fully quilted on my new machine, and two layers cut on all the rows to chenille it.  Maybe I will even get the binding prepped, can I hope that far?  It will be so much easier to quilt it on my new machine.

My third goal is to do the same thing as goal number two to this panel.  It is for my husband's Christmas gift and I have to work on it when he is not home while I am home, which is few and far between and will be even lesser soon.

My fourth goal is to cut out this lovely baby quilt, which will be a simple rail fence quilt.  I am going to make it scrappy, so I need to cut each individual piece out and then start sewing.  I did not make any progress on this last eight weeks.  

My fifth goal is to iron and cut out the fabrics for my Proud Mary quilt, which is my quilt for Busy Hands Quilts QAL from the Splash of Color book by Jackie Kunkel.  My goal is to stay up to date with this QAL, which is not happening as of last week.  To catch up I need to finish ironing my fabrics, cut the rest of my fabrics and get the first half of my blocks put together by next Monday.  Can I do it?

I did not do very well as I over planned what I wanted to get done within all facets of my life last week.  I had to really re-evaluate everything today, and I hope I made a plan for the week that everything will get accomplished and I can make some great headway with the various quilts I am trying to get done.

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  1. I always over anticipate what I can accomplish in a weekend. Having your list of projects will help, and I wish you luck. With a four day weekend, you're sure to meet your goals! Thanks for linking to MCM!