Monday, November 13, 2017

Design Wall Monday

I did not get much done last week.  Errands took much longer than I anticipated (why is it that way with everything), and the weekend flew by.  This week I am regrouping and making my list smaller to hopefully make some progress on all items listed (only 3).  My first goal is to finish Step 4 for Royal Gardens, which is a quilt along with Breakfast Club at my LQS.  I want to get it done by Saturday so I can get points, which will lead to percentage off an item in December.

My second goal is to is to start quilting this panel for a chenille blanket.  My niece loves Doc McStuffin', and it contains her two favorite colors, pink and purple.  I would like to at least start it this week, if I get more done like sewing all of the straight lines I have ahead of me even better.  But, I'm not going to push myself.

My third goal is to do the same thing as goal number two to this panel.  It is for my husband's Christmas gift and I have to work on it when he is not home while I am home, which is few and far between and will be even lesser soon.  I hope to get it started, it just depends upon how late he stays out Friday night.

This week I set only 3 small goals, but it will help me make progress on these items.  This weekend also starts the annual holiday baking I do.  I am preparing Thanksgiving dinner this year, so I have lots of prep work to do, and we are making tamales for Christmas gifts for family this year.  It takes a lot of work to put them together, even though I love doing it!  As a result, I have a very full weekend ahead of me with little room for sewing time, but it will be worth it.  My husband and I are planning a weekend at the end December or in January where we just sit at home and I get to sew, and he gets to play on his game system.  I can dream about serious sewing until then, and plan what I'm going to work on to make some great progress on.

Have a great week everyone!

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  1. Sounds like you have a busy week ahead - with Thanksgiving and tamales on your schedule. I hope you find a little time to stitch and also dream about your weekend with hubby in January. Thanks for linking with Design Wall Monday, Judy.

  2. Hope you've been able to make some progress on your goals this week. I'm looking forward to the week after Christmas, I'll get in some serious sewing time then as well.