Saturday, December 31, 2016

2017 Quilt Plan

Judy at Patchwork Times is starting to get back into quilting (Yay, I'm glad she can find joy in it again!), and has challenged us to look into our closets and find some UFO's to finish in the year of 2017.  She is going to draw a number for the month, and the quilt that corresponds to that number per your UFO list is the quilt you will work to finish that month.  I know that not all of these quilts will get done over the course of the year, but if I could make some headway on a lot of them that would be better than where they stand right now.  With that being said, here is my list:  (sorry no pretty pictures, check out my 2017 Quilt Plan tab and pictures will be updated as the year goes on)

1. Wedding Quilt - L&B
2. Wedding Quilt - D&D
3. Wedding Quilt - S&D
4. Wedding Quilt - C&T
5. Mom's Quilt
6. Table runner - T&M
7. Table runner - J&B
8. Wedding Quilt - N&B
9. Dr. Who Quilt
10. Table runner - N&B
11. Little House on the Prairie quilt
12. I-Spy quilt for Niece

Extra quilts:
2 Charity quilts - Ties for Love
Bargello baby
Texas star quilt
Quilt for Grandma
Quilt for Grandparents - Ohio State
Kit for bed - Sweet tooth by Jaybirds quilt will also be made
Bonnie Hunter's mystery quilts - En Provence and Allietare and 2017's
QAL that I hope to stay on top of making when the clues come out

A long list.  Now to get my tension fixed on my featherweight so I can start sewing.

Happy New Year!

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