Monday, January 14, 2019

15 Minutes of Stitching - Week 2 of 2019

Let us see how the first week of the year went on the stitching front.

Days spent stitching this week: 7 out of 7
Day spent stitching in January: 13 out of 13
Days spent stitching in 2019: 13 out of 13
Success Rate: 100%
My week runs from Monday to Sunday.

Wow!  I found time every single day this week, which was amazing.  I will not lie, but Sunday was the hardest as I put it off due to unpacking and seeing progress on our house to keep going.  I knew it would be a long process, but I did not realize how long of a process to be honest.  My new sewing corner makes it a whole lot easier to find time to sew.

During this year I am going to try and keep track of how much fabric I have used.  I plan to count fabric out when the piece gets sewn into part of the block.  I count the kits I have as part of my stash, even though the fabric in them is designated for that specific thing, so I will include the fabric used when I do a kit. My goal for the new year is to have an equal or greater amount going out of my stash than what is coming in.  I have a. too much and b. a very limited budget for quilting items, and I would actually love for some of that money to go to house repairs so we can execute them quicker.  No fabric went out during the first week, but some went out this week.  There will be weeks where nothing goes out, and that is OKAY!  (I just have to remind myself of that)

Fabric out: 1.11 yds
Fabric in: 0 yds

I hope everyone had a great week!

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  1. Congrats on finding time to stitch every day. It's hard when you've got lots of stuff going on at home to fit even those few minutes some times. Good luck with the unpacking, hope you are almost done.

  2. Great total for the year, hope it continued this week! Good start for your stash out count.