Monday, January 22, 2018

Monday Design Wall

Which is actually posted on a Monday!  I must be getting back in the swing of things.  I am getting things cleaned up, slowly but surely, and we finished the pork tamales!  Last round of tamales will be corn, and there are three batches because each batch does not yield as much as the beef and pork ones.

Enough about home stuff, let us see how I did!  Great actually!  I made progress on my Royal Gardens, I cut all of step 5 out, before I went to my sew day.

Then I was able to lay it out during my sew day at my LQS, and I got 4 rows sewed together.  I now have a nice big triangle to my quilt done for the center!  It is going to be amazing when I get it fully put together.

Tonight I was able to start cutting out my cousin's son's quilt, that is a year late, and my OMG for January.  If I stick to my 15 minutes a day, I will be able to get it all cut out by Wednesday night.  Focus.  I was not able to touch my third goal of working on Stitch and Flip wreaths, but that is okay, they will get done soon.  My fourth goal was to calculate how many pieces I needed for my Storm at Sea, which I was able to do, now I just have to start cutting and putting together as I got the templates from my Mom.

My goals for this week include:
Number one is to finish cutting out my cousin's son's quilt.  Post about finally getting it started, and finishing my OMG by completing this.

My second goal is to finish cutting out the borders for Royal Gardens, step 6 in the directions.  This will take a few nights to do if I'm just spending 15 minutes, but can be knocked out in an hour tops if I just focus.

My third goal and final for this week is to iron and cut fabrics for a baby quilt that I need to have finished by February 15.  The date was just given to me as the baby shower at work was just set.  It creates a fast turn around time, but I have almost everything I need, including my layout (I am making it smaller than the original pattern), except the back, which is already picked out.  I just need to order it.

This week I plan to finish all of the tamales I planned to make over the holiday season, along with a lot of cleaning that needs to happen, including cleaning out the fridge, cleaning the bathroom, and putting away my baking supplies.  I'm excited to focus and get lots done!

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