Friday, September 1, 2017

Paper Piecing Class

Last weekend I had the pleasure of taking a paper piecing class from a Judy Niemeyer certified instructor with my Mom.  I worked a little on both Judy Niemeyer patterns I have started and made progress.

The first I worked on was Woodcarver's Star.  I finished the pieces for the center star, and I am so excited for the colors that I choose.  I can not wait to see the whole quilt put together with my colors.

Because I got the technique down to finish the bigger star at home, I moved to the next piece of the pattern that I did not understand.  I got one of the pieces done, with many more to do.  There was basting involved and curved piecing, which I'm going to be pretty good at by the end of the year if I do all of the curved piecing I plan to do.

Then I switched to Vintage Rose, which is the Certified Instructor/Shop pattern only (this means you can only get it through them, not your LQS unless they are a certified shop).  I had the center section done and added the yellow and purple pieces.  Each step took some time, with the cutting out the fabric, glueing, basting stitches, trimming and then sewing onto the center piece.  The purple pieces were also curved piecing, so that took some extra time. especially since I am learning how to do curves.  I am so excited for these colors too as the end result is going to be bright and fun, which is different for me and my husband to approve!

I started to cut for the next step that will be added to these petals, which are thorns.  But the next step includes a lot of paper piecing, so it will be slow.  I am perfectly happy with that.  Eventually these quilts will be finished, but it is not a race, instead I believe it is about the experience and the knowledge I am gaining from making these quilts is vast.

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  1. Wow! That is some beautiful paper piecing. I don't have the patience for it at the moment, so I really enjoy seeing the pictures for those that do. You've got a great eye for color. Happy sewing! Andrea

  2. I love the blog post, and you helped me make such a fun card with it!