Sunday, July 10, 2016

Quarter 3 Goals

It is now half way through the year, which means it is time to post my quarter 3 goals.  There are a lot of quilts to get done, and some of them are so close, like just the binding needs to be done to get them off of my list.  See below for my goals for the quarter.

1. Baby quilt with forest friends and minky fabric.  I just need to bind it after I square it up (progress from last quarter!).  This quilt was intended for an arrival in September, and I will be seeing him in July (can not wait), but I want to get it done before then. T-minus one week!

2.  I just need to trim up this quilt and then bind it (progress from last quarter!).  This was for a wedding that happened almost two years I need to say more?

3. Repair clothing.  A lot of these have small holes that I need to sew up, or the hems have fallen out and I need to replace them or a plastic support has fallen out of the dress that I need to sew back in.  These are not hard repairs, I just have to sit down and do them (no progress from last quarter, the repair pile actually grew by a few things).  Hopefully by putting them on my list again, I will accomplish it this quarter.

4. Sew on binding for a cute baby quilt.  It was an intended gift, however it will not go to it's original recipient.  Instead I'm going to stick it in my Etsy store when I complete it.

5. A quilt for a wedding in November.  The pattern is going to be Flower Garden from Connecting Threads, and I want to get it completed, because I still have another quilt to finish for another wedding that month, only six days apart.  I'm going to have fun with that.

6. I changed the pattern, I just have to take out the sewing and braiding I have done and start from scratch with the new pattern I have.  I am excited to start this project over again.  These were to be Christmas presents a few years back.  My goal for Q3 is to get two out of four done.

7. I have a commission quilt that needs to be done in the middle of the new quarter.  The fabric is washed, it needs to be ironed, cut, top needs to be put together, and finished.  It is going to be very cute.

8. I have two pairs of size 3-6 months and 12-18 months each of little booties to make for baby shower gifts.  They are for little girls who are quickly approaching 3 months, and so I need to get these done early on in the quarter.  I love both fabrics.

9. Another baby shower gift that I need to finish is making a set of 3 baskets, that nest in each other.  The fabric combination looks weird, but one is for the inside and the other is for the outside.  It should look good in the end.

10. I love to cross stitch, and I signed up to take part in an international cross stitch of the Torah.  I was assigned five versus and I am currently working on it, and I need to get it done in the next month for the deadline they have given me.

11. I have a bridal shower to go to soon for a very close friend.  I like to cross stitch marriage records, and I have picked out a pattern and gotten the fabric, I just need to start it and get it done before the bridal shower.  It is going to be a tight squeeze, but I think I can do it.

12. Knit five scarves for Operation Gratitude.  I like to knit while we watch TV in the evenings and I felt like Operation Gratitude is a great cause to knit for.  I have a bag and box of yarn to knit up, and currently I'm working on the bag.  I will only make a dent in the bag, but a dent is a dent in a yarn stash...

Wow!  Those are a lot of goals, but they are building upon what I need/want to get done.  I will get most if not all things done and I'm excited to get them all done.  I can not wait to see what everyone is planning to finish in this quarter.  Linking up with A Quilters Table.  I'm off to my crafting corner.


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