Saturday, July 2, 2016

July 2016 OMG

I need to start the commission quilt this month, which is due in September.  As a result for my July 2016 OMG I am going to iron the fabric, as it is already washed, cut out all of the pieces, and start to put the top together.  I would love to get the top to the point when I'm about to sew it all in rows.  With the few free weekends I have this month, as long as they do not get stuff booked in them, I should be able to get this done, and NOT at the last minute.  The pattern is simple, labrador fabric as center, with the green bordering the labradors, and the paw prints as corner stones, and it is only a lap size quilt.  We will shall see what name it tells me to give it while I'm working on it!

I can not wait to see what everyone else is working on this month at Red Letter Quilts.


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