Friday, April 8, 2016

Quarter 2 Finish-A-Long Goals

Quarter 1 of the year is completed.  Where did it go?  Oh well, time to think about this new quarter.  My list of goals has grown because I feel like I can get more accomplished this quarter as things are closer to being done.  Without further ado here is my list:

1. Baby quilt with Dr. Suess and minky fabric.  Everything is cut, all I need to do is put it together, quilt and bind it.  To complete the quilt top is my one monthly goal this month, and I hope to get it further along than that.  This quilt was intended for an arrival in December.
2. Baby quilt with forest friends and minky fabric.  Everything is cut, all I need to do is put it together, quilt and bind it also.  This quilt was intended for an arrival in September, and I will be seeing him in July (can not wait), but I want to get it done before then.
3. Hand sew a rag rug together.  I made progress from January, however not enough to finish.  I am also thinking about changing the pattern, as I have found a pattern that does not involve sewing.  The sewing part is what takes so long because my fingers can only take so much at a time.  The new pattern would alleviate this issue and I could get all four of the rugs done by the end of summer.  (I'm talking myself into this plan, I'm going to take the plunge!)(I did, I just bought the pattern, maybe I will even start on it tonight)
4. Finish quilting, squaring, and sewing on binding for a table runner in black, orange, and Dr. Who fabric.  This is for one of my best friend's engagement party that took place at the end of October last year.
5.  Un-baste, quilt, square up, and sew on binding for a quilt.  I need to un-baste it because I thought I could do it on my machine for free motion quilting.  But, when I started to quilt it my machine decided to have tension issues.  Fast forward almost a full year, and I have now learned how to use a long arm, and I can rent time on a long arm.  I believe it is sooo much easier to quilt on a long arm, so I'm going to un-baste it and get it quilted via a long-arm.  This was for a wedding that happened almost two years I need to say more?
6. Repair clothing.  A lot of these have small holes that I need to sew up, or the hems have fallen out and I need to replace them or a plastic support has fallen out of the dress that I need to sew back in.  These are not hard repairs, I just have to sit down and do them.  Hopefully by putting them on my list I will accomplish it this quarter.
7. Quilt, square up and sew on binding for a cute baby quilt.  It was an intended gift, however it will not go to it's original recipient.  Instead I'm going to stick it in my Etsy store when I complete it.
8. Sew on binding for a table runner.  I have no idea where I stalled on this one, as it is quilted and squared.  I just have to cut the binding, sew the strips together and then sew it onto the table runner.  I could complete this in an afternoon.

Sometimes I wonder why some of these items take so long to complete, but then I remember that I got distracted by something else, or I was working on practicing a skill to complete it, and now that I've experiment/found a new way of doing it, the item sits in the corner to get accomplished.  I hope that with this quarter's goals I can just crank things out, as I have gained the necessary skills to accomplish what I want to do on each item.  Now to make the time to get it done!  Spring and the summer time frame quiets down for us a little as not as much family is out, which increases my time at home.

Here is to a great quarter!


  1. I hope you do get to make progress on these lovely projects and see many to the finish before too long ☺ I especially like the blue table runner - is it your own design?

    1. The blue table runner is from a pattern from Connecting Threads. It was a kit from 2-3 years ago. I do not remember the name off the top of my head. Thank you for the lovely comments. I would love to get them all done, but realistically I hope to get the ones that are very close to completion done.