Wednesday, July 18, 2018

On the 6th Day of Christmas

Hi and Welcome to Christina's Handicrafts, I'm Christina and I LOVE to quilt, cross stitch, knit, and read.  Today I am sharing a few decorative items you can make for your home around the Christmas holiday, and sharing a tutorial for a beautiful snowflake pillow that is perfect to grace somewhere in your home (once made) for the winter season.

First off, some things that are fun and easy to make for the holiday season.  One is the Stitch and Flip Wreaths by Poorhouse Quilt Designs.  They are really fun, fast and easy to make.  I can whip a few out in an afternoon now, as they are easy to chain piece.

The second item to help decorate is a snowflake table runner I designed last year, and shared a wonderful tutorial for it.  You can find that tutorial here, or under the tutorial tab.  I have since finished the table runner, and I love the quilting I did for it.

The snowflake pillow was created last year, with a pattern I designed.  When I shared it, a few people wanted me to share a tutorial, so I thought this year would be the perfect time to create and share it.

The pattern I designed is below.  I used it to figured out my pieces and used it to layout each section before sewing it together.  Keep this picture handy, as I'm sure you will refer back to it several times.

Some points to note.
W = White/tan
B = Dark Blue
T = Teal
The half squares with two colors in them are for half square triangles.

What you need:
Fabric - fabric for the snowflake plus background, and muslim for quilting the pillow top
Rotary Cutter
Basic sewing supplies
Sewing machine
20 inch pillow form
Optional - Bonnie Hunter's Essential Triangle Tool

First step is to cut out everything.  You need:
84 White 2" squares
25 Teal 2" squares
24 Dark Blue 2" squares
Using Bonnie Hunter's Essential Triangle Tool or method of your choice for 2" squares:
12 White/Dark Blue half square triangles
12 Dark Blue/Teal half square triangles
12 Teal/White half square triangles
2 - 1" strips by width of center
2 - 1" strips by length of top and bottom

Once I cut everything out, I sewed of the half square triangles together, and trimmed them up using the BlocLoc ruler, removing the dog ears.  Then I layed out the first quadrant out, and started to sew the pillow top together.  I drew out my own pressing chart so everything nested together when I started ironing.  I made sure that the pressing directions did not get too confusing, to make it simple on myself, and anyone else who makes it.  First picture is my pressing directions for the whole pillow top.  The second picture is laying out one quadrant.

When I put this pillow top together, I chained pieced everything at the same time, but I made sure to keep each quadrant separate until it was completed, and I sewed them together.  This was easier for me to make sure it went together correctly.  I still had to pull out my seam ripper on an occasion to correct a mistake.

Once I got the whole center part of the pillow top together, I sewed the border pieces on.  The sides first and then the top and bottom, pressing the seams out.  This is what it will look like when completed.

Next step is to layer a muslim on the bottom, batting and then the pillow top together, basting it with your method of choice.  This could be with basting spray (I used it), big stitches, or pins.

After the pillow top is layered, it is time for quilting.  You could machine quilt it, or hand quilt it.  I hand quilted it using perle cotton, and I love the texture it created for the pillow top.

Once the pillow top is quilted, trim to 20.5" by 20.5".  Prepare the backing fabric for the envelope backing, and sew the whole pillow together.  To create the envelope pillow case I followed Crazy Mom's Envelope Backed Pillow Tutorial.  This is how I did mine, as her pictures are great and easy to understand.  After you complete this step, you are finished, and you have a beautiful pillow that can grace your house throughout all of winter.

That concludes the tutorial for the Snowflake Pillow.  If there are any questions or uncertainty please do not hesitate to ask.

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