Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Making Progress!

I am making progress!  This is a big plus, especially since I need to get this table runner done and washed by Saturday evening for a wedding gift!  Each night I have set little goals for myself, and I am completing those goals plus going a little further, so I will not be putting the final touches on minutes before the reception!

This is a piece with many firsts, including curved piecing and putting together something on the diagonal.  Both of these items could use some work, especially the curved piecing, which I have learned a few tricks while doing this runner.  But, I have also learned that instead of using a rotary cutter when I need to cut patterned pieces, take the extra time to trace and hand cut out the pieces.  It WILL save a whole lot of frustration and unpicking of seams later.  Also, it will help with getting points and circles lined up just right.  If you do not look too closely you can not tell that all the points, and some of the circles are funky.  I hope with some quilting they will look even better.  I am proud of taking on the challenge and not backing out and getting something from their registry.

Now it is time to get the last of the borders on and prep the backing and batting for some basting!  Linking up with Sew Fresh Quilts for Let's Bee Social, and checking out what other people are doing.


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  1. Great job. I love table runners with vibrant colours