Thursday, January 12, 2017

Q1 2017 Finish-A-Long Goals

It is January of a new year, and that means it is time to set my quarterly goals for the 2017 Finish-A-Long.  I'm setting my goals high, there are a few that I have to get done this quarter and others I need to start working on.  If I make decent progress on some, maybe I will get more quilts finished this year.  Each quarter I am able to reassess my goals, and it makes me think of what needs to get done.  So, let us see what is on my list.

1. Table Runner for J&B's wedding (took place in Early December)

2. Table Runner for T&M's wedding (taking place in February)

3. Baby quilt for my Cousin's son who will be born any day now (mid-January is his due date)

4. Knitting a blue shawl - deadline long past, but will use in my office, especially when it gets cold/drafty

5. Knitting a purple shawl - same thing as above

6. Cross stitch Marriage record for C&T (late present)

7. Wedding quilt for C&T (late present, at least they know it is coming)

8. Handiwork (something I have been trying to catch up on for the last year, I just need to use one of my off fridays and sit down and do the minor repairs on most of the items)

9. Make rugs, this includes ripping what I've done out and restarting as I found a different pattern I want to use (belated Christmas gift..we won't say how many years late)

10. Charity Quilt top for Prayers and Squares at my Grandmother's church

11. 2nd Charity quilt top for Prayers and Squares at my Grandmother's church (I started these before I got married, which means they are about four years old.  I just found them in one of the last boxes I still have to unpack)

12. Wedding quilt for D&D (late present, at least they know it is coming)

13. Quilt for one of my Grandmother's (shhh, it is a surprise for her)

14. Mom's quilt (this one is even older than 10 and 11.  I got the kit in college and got frustrated with it because my 1/4 inch seam was off and I was doing a horrible job at cutting.)

15. Wedding quilt for N&B (this wedding is this year, 2017, shhh, it is also a surprise)

16. Christmas Table Runner  (this was going to be a present, but Christmas Eve my cat decided to play with my soda on the table and spilled some on it, so I could not gift it due to running.  I need to try and remove the stain and redo the quilting on it, then bind)

17. Second Christmas Table Runner (still to be finished for a Christmas present)

18. Bonnie Hunter's En Providence Mystery Quilt (I've printed all of the clues and my fabrics picked out, I just have to actually start on it.  I do love the reveal, and I'm considering making it just a tad larger to fit on a queen size bed)

19. Knit scarf for my husband.  He saw the scarves I made for my grandparents for Christmas, and wants a few scarves.  As a result I am going to get this one done, and have the other two made for next winter.  It is made with a simple pattern.  Knit stitch about 30 stitches across and then 70" long.

Wow, long list, but if I can make progress on these things I will be very happy.  Time to fix the tension on my featherweight and make some great progress on these projects.  I can not wait to see what everyone else is planning to make progress on.  Linking up to Throw a Wrench in the Works for the 2017 Finish-A-Long.



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  2. Wow! You are busy with gift quilts!! I hope you are motivated this quarter to get some over the finish line and make good progress on the others!