Monday, April 24, 2017

Design Floor

This week on my design floor/bed, I have several things working.  I need to finish repairing this beautiful handmade rug to return to its owner next weekend.

I want to finish cutting out the mystery quilt by Cora's Quilts called Gathering.  I have about 25% of it cut out.

I would like to cut out and start to put together a table runner for a bridal shower in two weeks.  I have an idea for quilting already.  I just need to get cracking.  I procrastinate a lot...or I just get too busy with other stuff...?

Last on the list is working on my next two Sweet Tooth blocks.  The strips are starched, I just have to iron and start cutting them out to them put them together.

Lots to do this week, but with a positive attitude and the time I can give to each project, I know I can make progress, even if it is a little.

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  1. What an interesting bunch of projects you have. I, too, like to work on several projects at the same time. Here's hoping you make progress on each of your projects.